My life

Today is my last day in Switzerland, since I’m leaving tomorrow. I really had a great time here and had so much fun. However, the weather sucked.. Only 2 days out of the 6 that I was here, were sunny ones. My highlight of this week was probably on tuesday, when I wore my panther suit. I know it sounds stupid, though I really liked wearing it. My parents felt pretty embarrassed I guess, especially my mom, but oh well haha. I wore it for Carnival. Last year, I went with school to Austria to ski and snowboard. My friends and I bought a panther suit, that’s why I’ve got one. This week I skied a lot more than I used to do and it paid off. I ski a lot better now, than I did in December. Although I finally feel comfortable here and got used to everything, I want to go back home badly. I miss my boyfriend and I miss my own comfortable bed. I miss my grannie and her delicious food. I miss home..

how was your week?

p.s. If you’re curious about the photos I took this week, you should check out my instagram @lishenho


Winter wonderland


I never expected myself using this title this winter, since I thought the weather would only become better and better, just like the last couple weeks. Luckily, I haven’t fallen yet because of the slipperiness outside: yeaaaaah buddy!(:
This week’s tests aren’t going the way I had expected it/wanted it, but for some reason, it doesn’t really care me anymore. I used to study a lot for weeks like these..
I didn’t take any full outfit photos today, since I didn’t have the time for it this morning and the light was really bad. Today’s outfit consists of: a JUGEND shirt, ZARA trousers and a ROMANO scarf.

Does anyone know some good songs for me to listen to? I’m looking for either songs with some damn good lyrics, ones that make you forget about the rest of the world, ones that make you dance and some that are relaxing ones.

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