10x iPhone cases

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Yesterday evening, I finally received my ordered iPhone case. I ordered it from a site called Society6, where you can not only find iPhone cases, but also laptop skins, printed T-shirts, hoodies and many more! Every case from that website costs $35, which I think is quiet expensive, though, the cases look absolutely amazing in my opinion and they’re very strong (as far as I can judge). Any person can find the right one for him or her, I swear! They offer so many designs, you could scroll trough the pages for ages! All cases are available for as well as the iPhone 5, as well as the 4 and even the 3. Oh, and they ship worldwide.
I decided to highlight 10 cases that caught my eye, just for you.


1. Let’s Run Away 2. Good Vibration


3. Sunny Leo 4. Diamond


5. Ornate Elephant 6. Carpe


7. Disney Forever Young 8. Wander


9. Ferocious Tiger 10. Wild Magic

I know some of them are not the kind of cases you might expect from a person like me, but I can explain it. The Disney Forever Young case, for example, caught my eye, since I had this chapter in my life, when I felt like such a hipster and I was like “omg, everything is too mainstream for me. you only live once, so just do whatever you want. let’s get drunk, forever young..” yeah.. I don’t think any of my friends know about this, since I only showed it on my tumblr.. whoops, another secret about me revealed?

Do you like the cases? Are you planning to order one?