4x Streetstyle New York


newyork-streetstyleI’m really sorry for not posting anything in the last few days. I’m currently really busy and stressed, due to tons of schoolwork that I have to do. My blog schedule is all messed up now, but I’ll try my best to fix it! These were pretty much the only street style photos I shot, during my trip to New York, which is exceptionally little. I guess I was just too busy looking at everything, that I simply forgot to grab my camera to take photos. The one in the right upper corner is my favorite one.
Would you wear that outfit or do you think it’s too much belly showing? 

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Streetstyle Florence and Arezzo


IMG_4083 IMG_3992 IMG_3983 IMG_3938 IMG_3934 IMG_3943 IMG_3930 IMG_3920 IMG_3907 IMG_3897

When I started scrolling down my blog, I noticed that I’ve drastically changed blogstyle in the past month. I nowadays aim more at improving the quality of my photography by taking many photos of my family and other people, while I used to aim at simplicity. I’m not sure yet which one I like the most, since I like both a lot, so I’d love to get your opinion about it.

For todays post I’ve uploaded some photos of people that caught my eye whilst shopping. I could’ve taken many more of outfits that I liked, but I was simply too slow or the streets were too crowdy to shoot a lovely picture.

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