I honestly don’t know what to do with my feelings anymore.. I just feel fucked up actually. I’m sorry in advance, but I just have to curse to describe what I feel.. Everything is fucking shit. My life is shit. School is shit. people are shit, especially my parents, because they freaking annoy me. I look like shit. I eat shit, since all I eat is unhealthy and unlimited. All I think about is the weekend. I just want to hide myself under a rock and be rich and go shopping everyday without talking to anyone, because people start annoying me. My closest friends are drifting away from me (that’s what it feels like). I want to travel to somewhere nobody knows me and just do whatever I want and feel like doing. Fucking not care about anyone. I want everyone to stop telling me what I should be doing instead. However, instead of doing anything about this feeling I’ll just act as if there’s nothing wrong with me, since probably nobody would even care listening to me, and smile. I don’t want to bother anyone with my problems, that’s why I’m writing this on my blog. My blog is like my diary and shows the real me: what I feel like, what I look like, what I think of etc. I dare to bet that nobody in this entire world would notice any of my problems, if I didn’t write them down on here or didn’t tell them about them. I’m practically nobody, you know? I can be fun to talk to, but that’s it. Noting more. Sad, isn’t it?

If you’re still reading this now, then I’m wondering whether you’ve realised you’ve just wasted about 2 minutes of your life by reading my stupid post, just a little reminder(: Anyways, I’ll just continue writing as if nothing has ever happened..
My outfit today consisted of an H&M cardigan , JUGEND shirt and ZARA trousers. I wore 2 small rings from H&M which I really like as well.