It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it

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We’ve got only one month left to get the summer body we want and although it’s a bit late, I decided to work for mine as well. Usually I try doing this several times a year, but quit because I just can’t resist the delicious food we have anymore. I used to just cut off sweets, cookies and stuff like that from my diet, but always end up feeling very week, which encourages my desire for unhealthy food. Luckily, I know such an amazing person who helps me to go trough this and suggests me food to eat. The amount of food that I was told to eat first shocked me a little, as it seems a lot. However, now that I followed it strictly, it turned out to be less that I thought. I’m currently busy trying to get a membership at the gym near my house and I’m thinking about making a schedule for myself, when and how much to swim. I’m very determined to finally get the body that I’ve always wanted and to enable myself to feel less ashamed whenever I wear a bikini in public.
Any tips or advice on how to get a toned up body? Or healthy snack suggestions?
p.s. excuse my weird-shaped legs hahaha (:

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