My life

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My cousin’s are currently enjoying their spring break as well, so my mom asked them whether they wanted to stay at ours for the next few days. Yesterday we’ve been sitting and playing in the sun, delighted by the lovely weather, drinking cold drinks and eating ice cream and other delicious food. Every now and then you could feel a little breeze going trough your hair.. it was a perfect day to relax. I noticed how beautiful the sun shone on my sister’s hair so I decided to grab my dad’s camera to take some photos and this is the result of it(:
how’s the weather at your place? and what have you been up to these days?

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My life

Yesterday I was so tired, so I decided to sleep earlier than usual. This with as result, that I woke up at 10 am this morning very happily. When I opened the curtains of my room, I noticed the sun was shining so nicely! The shadows of the trees looked absolutely amazing. So, the first thing that come up in my mind was: I want today’s photos for my blog, made outside! As soon as I got dressed, I ran to my youngest sister (the older one was still sleeping) and I asked her if she wanted to take some photos. In my opinion, she did it super well! The photos amazed me actually haha. She was so cute this morning: she said ” Lishen, I think you’re my idol. Because, you liked photography first and now I do. You really like fashion and now I do as well. I want to be just like you ” and the awkward person I am all I could say was ” aaaaaahwww “.
Today I’m planning to study for my exams, to watch my boyfriend’s soccer match, ending the day working as a waitress.

what are your plans for today?

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little note: I’m not sure yet whether I will post every day this week, since I’ve got 8 tests.. god bless me this week please?