Relaxing sunday

My life

adidas adidas adidasAfter a couple exhausting weeks caused by the overload of appointments and promises I had made, not even mentioning the chaos in my head that led to sleepless nights, I finally had a whole day off. I put on my Adidas track top, which I hadn’t worn in 3 years, so it was quite hard to find it, and a super comfortable tregging from Sandro. I spent my day getting my nails done, doing my homework and preparing some posts for the rest of the week, whilst listening to music. My parents and both my sisters went out, therefore I had a really relaxing day home alone. Tomorrow I’m attending my second prom, resulting that I’m getting pretty nervous. My feet are currently hurting from breaking in my new pair of heels, but I really hope it will be worth it tomorrow. I’ll post a photo of my prom dress soon, either on here or on my Instagram.
Where have you been up to lately?

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My Sunday

My life

IMG_7759 2

I just came back from the golf club to actually play myself, which happens very rarely, so I’m quite proud right now.  Today I’m planning to do my homework, go to the city centre with one of my best friends, prepare some posts for the rest of this week and create some moodboards for you with inspiring images. Would you like me to make them by cutting pictures from magazines and take a photo of it afterwards, or by putting the pictures together digitally and edit them afterwards?

Enjoy your sunday!

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