Ever since I saw a video of kidrauhl on youtube I fell for the voice he had. He’s now famous as Justin Bieber, but I’ll always remember how it used to be kidrauhl when I got to know about him. It was a summerday when I stumbled on one of his videos “Justin singing Because of You by Ne-yo”. I’ve been supporting him ever since. summer 2008, I’ll never forget that. I’ve been part of the family (we’re a family, not just a fanbase) and saw him growing and growing. I was there when One Time came out, his first album released, visited his concert and much much more. Many people of my school has made fun of me, “MusicBieber” on twitter, but it didn’t stop me from supporting him. & you know what? I don’t think I ever will.. No, I don’t see myself singing his songs at 40 years old, but deep in my heart I’ll never stop being a Belieber. I willingly joined the family, which is like promising you’ll be there for him, no matter what, until the end. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to break promises, so I won’t. No matter how much people will make fun of me, this is something nobody can ever take away from me. I’m going to his concert on april 13th, which I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to hear his voice live and actually see him in real life again! I got 5th row tickets: I’m almost about to touch him when he comes near the crowd!! These days I find it so funny to hear people say how much he’s improved, while they used to hate on him a lot back in 2009. I feel proud now, being able to say I’ve supported him for so long already :’)
What I’m trying to say with this post is, that you should never stop supporting someone or loving someone, no matter what other people say about him or her. It’s YOUR life and people should accept the way you are. If you change for other people, I can tell you, you will regret it a lot. The story above about me being a belieber was something I just did, without caring about other people. This is what I liked doing and I regret nothing. I did many things in life I regret a lot, because I listened too much to other people’s opinion. Just follow your heart, he’ll show you the right way..

200486_1327716971115_1776679297_575599_289671_n Justin Drew Bieber