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Today is my last day in Switzerland, since I’m leaving tomorrow. I really had a great time here and had so much fun. However, the weather sucked.. Only 2 days out of the 6 that I was here, were sunny ones. My highlight of this week was probably on tuesday, when I wore my panther suit. I know it sounds stupid, though I really liked wearing it. My parents felt pretty embarrassed I guess, especially my mom, but oh well haha. I wore it for Carnival. Last year, I went with school to Austria to ski and snowboard. My friends and I bought a panther suit, that’s why I’ve got one. This week I skied a lot more than I used to do and it paid off. I ski a lot better now, than I did in December. Although I finally feel comfortable here and got used to everything, I want to go back home badly. I miss my boyfriend and I miss my own comfortable bed. I miss my grannie and her delicious food. I miss home..

how was your week?

p.s. If you’re curious about the photos I took this week, you should check out my instagram @lishenho


Goodbye January, Hello February!



Luckily, my schooldays on friday are always short, which gives me time to rest and enjoy the weekend very early. I often write blogposts for the next couple days on friday, in case I don’t have enough time to write.
The month February started today, which means: HOLIDAYS! I can’t wait to go skiing & snowboarding, to play in the snow and just have fun with my sisters. February also means: VALENTINES DAY! Unfortunately, I won’t get to spend valentines day with my boyfriend, since I’ll be in Switzerland then..

do you have a boyfriend or a crush? what are your february wishes?

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