I had to get it off my chest



When I started this blog, I published posts that were more or less diary material. I described what my day was like and added some photos that I felt like sharing. However, when my amount of followers started growing, I realised that in order to improve my blog to the fullest, I should start writing less personal posts and add higher quality images to it. Therefore, I haven’t really written down recently what’s actually on my mind. And, since there’s something that worries me quite a lot these days, I thought this would be the perfect time to share it with you. I do realise that this is not going to be a post that other bloggers would share with their public, ever. But, I want this blog to be a reflection of me, including all my thoughts and doubts, whether they are positive or negative.

Ever since school started again, I feel like I’m losing myself more and more. I somehow get myself into the most awkward circumstances, which is something that I’d almost never experienced before. I simply forgot how to have a ‘normal’ chitchat with someone and over-think everything I say and do, which makes the whole situation even more uncomfortable. Even when I’m with some really close friends of mine! I don’t know why I’m changing, nor do I know how to get it all back on track. I just hope it’ll be okay soon and that all these thoughts will just pass.
Someone recognizes him or herself in this?

p.s. I’m thinking about lowering my blogging activity. I’m not sure yet for how long, but I might only post something on here when I think it’s worth sharing, instead of looking for something to share with you. I really hope you understand this and that it will help myself to get away from all of these thoughts. 

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My life


I haven’t felt as tired as I do right now for a very long time anymore, which made school seem as if it lasted for ages.  And, to make it all even worse, when I came back home, I had to play the piano! If I had to pick one thing in life that I hate the most, I’d definitely consider picking playing the piano.  I know this sounds as if I’m exaggerating my hate for it, but I really am not. – I do enjoy listening to someone else’s skills on it though. – I still can’t believe my parents won’t let me quit, even though I’ve been trying to persuade them to for 4 years already.. Do you have any tips on how to? I think I’ll just go for a nap right now and then do the rest of my homework..
Does the weather influence your mood as well? Or is it just me..?

My thoughts go out to all the people who lost their loves ones and everyone affected on this very tragic day 12 years ago

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