Recap of the last few days and my playlist


IMG_4998An overview of the last few days: Went on a boat; saw ponds filled with melted snow from mount Fuji from over the past 80 years; tasted soft cream made of lavender, white peach and wasabi; visited the Matsumoto castle; went to a monkey park (to meet the rest of my family, kidding); Slept in an old-fashioned/traditional Japanese hotel, in which I had to wear a kimono and sleep on a mattress on the floor; took a bath in a natural hot spring and had the coldest train ride in my whole life. To get to these places you’ll have to spend very much of your time in the bus. And what is a better amusement than music? So I decided to share my current (shortened) playlist with you:

Claudius (Radio edit) – Max Manie
Stay (Justin Martin remix) – Henry Krinkle
Here for You – Kygo
Hotline Bling – Drake
Paper Trail$ – Joey Bada$$
De Regel – Hef
Man Of The Year – Schoolboy Q
Treasured Soul (Radio edit) – Michael Calfan
On & On (feat. Maverick Sabre & Dyemond Lewis) – Joey Bada$$
Catch & Release (Deepend Remix) – Matt Simons
Next Move – Adje
On Mars – Digitzz
100 Grandkids – Mac Miller
The Buzz – Hermitude
Day Is Done – Chef’special
The Recipe – Kendrick Lamar

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The countdown begins

My life

IMG_4610 IMG_4612It’s only 8 days until my birthday and only 20 days until the start of my big adventure. For those of you who don’t know about it yet. On october 1st, I am leaving to Japan for 2 weeks and then continue my journey in Australia and New Zeeland. I’m determined to stay there until the start of february and will travel both countries from north to south. Obviously, I’m taking my camera with me, so I might as well update my blog from Down Under. The preparations for the trip are currently not going as I’d like them to, but I’ve got quite some days off work in the next weeks, so there’s enough time to get it all right.

Any tips/advice you could give me before I leave? :)

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