Too young to be sad


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Top from Zara // Blouse from Urban Outfitters // Necklace from Zara
I honestly had a wonderful weekend. On friday my friends and I hung out together, which was lovely as always. We had a laugh and caught up about everything in life. Yesterday I played my first hockey match of the season, which was quite challenging for the whole team. We hadn’t done much since september, because of the winter break, so none of us was very much in shape. Although we lost, I think we did a pretty great job. I mean, it could’ve been a lot worse! Today I might go out for a walk. No gym for me, but kicking it old school in the nature. After that I should start doing my homework for tomorrow and maybe watch Netflix for a bit.
What about you? Anything great happened?

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New in from Antwerp


new-in-antwerp1new-in-antwerp2A couple days ago my family and I went to Antwerp. We didn’t work it out really well, so we ended up leaving in the afternoon, which left us with only a couple hours to remain to go shopping. Everything was pretty crowded and chaotic because of the sales there, so that was a bit of a disappointment for me, as I don’t really like messes. Luckily, I did find two lovely clothing pieces that I eventually bought. A great (in size as well as in looks) cream-colored cardigan from Urban Outfitters and a grey pullover from Sandro. I can’t believe school starts tomorrow again. I’m just so not ready for it yet.. However, I enjoyed my holidays very much.
How were your holidays?

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