Vogue all the way!


IMG_6218 IMG_6225 IMG_6233 IMG_6239

Shirt gifted with june’s Vogue issue // Necklace from Zara // Bracelets from Biba and Urban Outfitters // Ring from River Island

As I mentioned in my post about this month’s Vogue, I received a Vogue T-shirt with it. When I first opened it, I frankly had no clue how I was going to combine it, as it seems too big for me and I usually never wear tees at all. I was considering to use it as nightwear, but then I saw one of my friends wearing it to school, which looked really cool on her. So, when I came home I immediately searched for mine and started thinking how to combine it with the pieces in my wardrobe. When I woke up this morning, I suddenly knew what I wanted to wear it with. I tucked my oversized shirt in my trousers and added my new statement necklace to my outfit, to make it look more feminine and less boring. I’m actually pretty satisfied with the result.
Do you have this Vogue shirt as well? Or maybe the sweater?

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