One of my strange habits

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vogue, dutch, january, february issue, fashion, magazine Back in the days when I posted on a daily basis, I dedicated a post to every Vogue issue I ever received. I liked sharing the photos that inspired me the most and to give everyone a sneak peek of what that month’s issue looked like. However, I’ve never told anyone my strange habit of ‘reading’ a magazine. For example, I barely read any of the texts in any magazine, unless fitness related, and simply just analyse the published photos. vogue, dutch, january, february issue, fashion, magazine I really like looking at action photos, because they make me wonder how the photographer was able to capture the moment. vogue, dutch, january, february issue, fashion, magazine Other than that, I could spend hours looking at street style photography. They’re also a great inspiration source if you don’t know how to pose or for those, who don’t know how to photograph details of an outfit best.vogue, dutch, january, february issue, fashion, magazine But above all, portraits. I still haven’t figured out how to look not awkward or anything similar to a zombie without smiling..vogue, dutch, january, february issue, fashion, magazine Is it just me who does this or is anybody kind enough to lie about doing this too in order to make me feel less weird? ;)

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2 days left

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The weather has drastically changed since last week. It’s raining all day and the sky is filled up with grey clouds. Whenever you go outside, it’s only a matter of time until it starts raining again. Due to the fact that I already did my homework yesterday, I’m currently enjoying a homework-free day. Just got to study a couple words for French, which hopefully won’t take me very long. So, I decided to get all my unread magazines together, to go through them and to find some inspiration. I got myself some food and something warm to drink, which makes this day a lot better.  My seventeenth birthday is only 2 days away and I’m so freaking excited. It’s crazy yet wonderful how much I’ve experienced and done as a sixteen-year-old girl. I’m also looking forward to this weekend, since I’ve got some very lovely events planned with friends and family (:
What are you currently looking forward to?

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