3 4 5678910111213141516171819Obviously, by now we’ve left Bondi Beach already. Philip, Robert and I decided to go on a 7-day surf camp. The first day we went to a beach just a little more south of Sydney. The next few days we stayed in Pacific Palms, close to Seal Rocks. None of us had surfed before, so it was quite a challenge. Frankly, I reckon that the waves and I have a love-hate relationship, because one minute they want to drown me and the next I get to catch the wave and stand on my surfboard. I got to see wild dolphins for the first time in my life and today a whale with her baby even jumped out of the sea! One of the other surfers, a guy from England, was chilling on his surfboard, waiting to catch the right wave, until a bunch of dolphins swam near him. We saw kangaroos as well and there was a little shrimp next to me in the lake, so this is paradise for animal lovers.

It’s quite funny actually how you can change in such a short amount of time. I’ve only been in Australia for 2 weeks now and by now I don’t care as much as I used to about my mosquito bites – even though I get stung almost to death, since I’m allergic to them. They even leave my friends alone who sit next to me just to bother me – and look forward to my breakfast of toast with peanut butter, while I used to choke on it back home. Also, I don’t care about the moths anymore with whom I share my showers, since all I care about is feeling warm and clean. I know that this doesn’t sound very lovely, but hey: you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do..

Byron Bay, here we come!

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How to get natural looking waves


hair, waves

When I was younger, I wanted to have curls really badly. I absolutely hated my straight hair, because in my eyes it looked boring. I tried many things in order to get them: hair rollers, sleeping with a bun or braid, keep a braid in for a whole day and curl it with a straightener. This caused my hair looking either awfully curled, a huge lack of sleep or sometimes even both. To make it all worse, my hair then gets very fuzzy. Nope, would definitely not recommend anyone to try any of the above mentioned methods. Fortunately, I’ve discovered my own way to get wavy-looking hair and it’s actually pretty simple to get them. First of all, wash your hair and let it air dry. When it’s almost dry, not perfectly dry yet though, brush it trough, make a pony tail and hold it in its place with your hands. Then simply turn your hair over and over again until it automatically wraps itself up like a (very forced) bun. Wrap a rubber, or if you’ve got very thick and many hair even two rubbers, around the bun to keep it in place. When your hair is dry simply remove the rubber and spray some hairspray in your hair. Do not brush your hair after removing the rubber(!), but simple get it in shape with your hands. It’s very important to let your hair dry a little bit after washing it, because it won’t be able to dry well, if you don’t. Hope it works, good luck! Don’t forget to let me know what you think about this (:

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