Nike Air Max Zero Essential



IMG_4325The absence of shoe-featuring posts on my blog most definitely didn’t mean I stopped buying new babies. Pretty much the contrary happened. The last couple of months I got myself some new sneakers, heels and even flip-flops. I just either didn’t find the right opportunity to shoot some photos of them or didn’t find them extraordinaire enough to highlight them (e.g. black pumps or adidas superstars). Not until I saw these fresh kicks and immediately fell in love with them. I’ve had 3 airmaxes before, but these definitely fit most comfortable of all of them because of a thicker cushion. Also, I love its simple design and the all white colour.

I’ve got some great content to share with you as I’m currently editing the photos from Ibiza, Singapore and Thailand so stay tuned!

p.s. Changed my banner and font! Plus, I added a small logo to my website shown in your browser. Yaay!

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Girls night out


IMG_5424 IMG_5422

Dress from Abercrombie & Fitch

Yesterday evening I went out for dinner with my friend Démi. We decided to dress up a bit more than usual, just like all the girls on TV, rather than wear some trousers, sneakers and a nice top.It was great to catch up with her after a week to Limburg with school. We ate loads of sushi and ended up in a café with some friends. Yesterday was the second time for me wearing this dress and I already ripped its back, because of a screw in a wall that was stuck in it.. dammit.
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