So much internet, so little time..


Ever since I last updated my blog, I have been working 4 different jobs, preparing for my big trip to the other side of the world, about which I will tell you much more very soon, going to different dentist and orthodontist appointments, catching up with my old high-school friends and lots of (online) shopping. Unfortunately, as the title refers, I didn’t find the time to give you an update about this until now. Recap from all my purchases I did in August until today: here.. you.. go…!

asics gel lyte III

White Asics gel lyte III


Top and skirt from Zara (bought the top in white as well) // High heels from NLY Shoes


Snapback from Vans // Basic tees from Zara


Skirts from America Today


Bag from Thule


Top from Nike // Shorts from Nike


Jumpers from America Today

Yes, I am aware that I am supposed so save my money for next month, but oh dear.. ;)

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“But whatever you wear, always dress to kill.” –


unpublished1 unpublished2 unpublished3Dress from Brandy Melville // Cardigan from H&M // Necklace from ZARA
I was just going through my maps of photos from the past months and stumbled upon these outfit shots. I hadn’t published them on my blog yet and although summer is about to start, which makes this outfit totally unsuitable for these days kind of weather, I felt the need to share it with you. It’s very casual and appropriate for any occasion: whether you’re going to school, out with friends or staying home on the couch.
On friday, my friends and I went out all day long, which was ridiculously great. Yesterday I celebrated Kingsday, which was just as much fun, but absolutely wrecking my body. I now feel complete crap and really tired, but it was all worth it!
Would you wear it under the right weather circumstances? And did you celebrate Kingsday as well?

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