Fiescheralp, Switzerland


It’s odd to think that the place I disliked most as a kid, over the years, turned into the perfect get-away for me. As we grow older, our lives become more hectic: the list of chores seems endless and the rivalry between students to succeed is brutal. While most of us look for a sunny destination during the holidays (fair enough if you’ve been working/studying inside for weeks or even months), I dare you to be different and to spend a week in the Alpes in summer. Go hiking, mountainbiking, fishing or simply enjoy the view. The air is clean and I can promise you: your body will thank you for that.

– Hotel Blausee (restaurant)
– Hotel Alpina, Fiescheralp (restaurant)

Customise your own phone case


IMG_4831 (1)IMG_5176IMG_4838

Last week I let the bolder part of myself get ahold of myself and decided to customise my own phone case. I’m a picky person and finding phone cases I like has always been quite a struggle. Luckily, the world-wide web offers very much inspiration and the editor of Caseapp is very easy to use, so you can adjust your case perfectly to your desires. You can add photos, texts or cliparts and choose what kind of material you’d like your case made of. The cases aren’t the cheapest, but I have to admit that the quality of them is great and to those that are clumsy, they sell extra tough cases as well! Go ahead and take a peek at to see what they offer and treat yourself for once (again). Get 20% off by using the promo code ‘LISHEN20‘. Don’t forget to let me know what you’ve ordered as well as share your experiences with this brand.

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